Process Capability

Process Capability

Serial number project Process Capability
1 Sheet or metal base type FR-4, CEM-3, aluminum substrate, copper substrate
2 Aluminum model 1060, 3003, 5052, 6061
3 Finished board thickness 0.4-5.0mm
4 Insulation thickness 90-180um
5 Maximum panel size 1500mm × 600mm
6 Thermal Conductivity 0.5W/mK~8W/mK
7 Withstand voltage coefficient
(according to material characteristics)
DC:3000V/5mA to 7000V/5mA
AC:1200V/5mA to 5000V/5mA
8 Minimum line width/spacing 0.15/0.15mm(1oz)
9 Minimum distance from line to board edge Power products: ≥ finished board thickness; LED products: ≥ 0.4mm
10 Copper foil thickness H oz, 1 oz, 2 oz,3OZ
11 Minimum finished hole diameter FR4 0.3mm aluminum base plate 0.8MM (and ≥ finished plate thickness)
12 Finished hole tolerance (NPTH) ±0.05mm
13 Hole position accuracy (compare CAD data) ±0.1mm
14 Minimum countersunk hole diameter 2.5mm
15 Minimum counterbore depth 0.8mm
16 Counterbore depth tolerance ±0.20mm
17 Counterbore angle 90°
18 Minimum solder mask bridge Green oil: 0.15mm
White oil: 0.15mm
19 Surface treatment Tin spray, OSP, immersion gold, silver plating
20 V-CUT angle 20°, 30°
twenty one V-CUT up and down offset tolerance ±0.08mm
twenty two Minimum V-CUT residual thickness tolerance ±0.08mm
twenty three Minimum thickness of V-CUT board 0.4mm
twenty four Tolerance of gong board ± 0.10mm (normal)
± 0.20mm (long strip)
25 Outer tolerance of punching plate ± 0.10mm
26 Highest test insulation resistance 100 MΩ
27 Minimum test conductive resistance 10Ω
28 CD processing angle range 0-90°
29 CD processing R angle minimum radius 0.6mm
30 CD processing depth tolerance ± 0.05mm
31 Minimum distance between conductor and CD processing area 0.2mm
32 The longest distance between the aluminum cover and the CD plus area 0.5mm
33 CD processing depth ≥0.15 (minimum gong to penetrate the dielectric layer) mm
34 Maximum thickness of text retaining wall 0.3mm
35 Maximum spray tin processing size 550*700mm or less size
Size below 400*1200mm